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Raccoon Latrine Cleanup &
Decontamination in Toronto

Do you have a raccoon latrine | Out-house?

A raccoon latrine is a site where those mischievous raccoons frequently deposit their feces, in more then one near by latrines. The pooping bandits prefers areas that are flat, private and high of the ground but they also use window wells. To clarify, some more common places that they enjoy leaving poop and using as an out-house are roofs, decks, unsealed attic, inside open sheds, haylofts, forks of trees, fence lines, wood piles, rock gardens and leaf piles.

If you believe you have found raccoon feces droppings, do not clean it up yourself with out understanding and following universal precaution. Raccoon feces can be extremely harmful to humans and needs to be professionally removed to ensure your safety therefore; For safe correct removal, disposal, odor treatment and proper disinfection, contact Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc, and at the same time we can also provide friendly, helpful tips on how to keep them from defecating in the area again. In conclusion our process is and cost effective. 

Did you find raccoon feces in attic?

The damages of a raccoon found in your home can be costly and hazardous (Damaged electrical, airducts etc.). Once they have access to the attic they will begin to nest and then it will start making a latrine area nearby.

We are certified in decontamination cleaning and have the personal protective equipment and tools to properly decontaminate the area. As Toronto’s #1 Raccoon Latrine Clean Up Specialists, it is our duty to offer safe and efficient latrine cleanup, decontamination, sanitization and odour removal services. Contact us for more information. We have been cleaning up raccoon poop since 2008. Our process is safe and effective to help prevent a reoccurring raccoon latrine.


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Raccoon feces can be extremely harmful to humans. If you believe you have found
raccoon droppings, contact us immediately for safe removal and decontamination.


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