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pile of items from hoarding


Extreme Cleaning, Hoarding
Cleanup & Decontamination

If you have a distressed property from hoarding or in need of an extreme cleaning or a cleaning job that no other company can handle. You have landed on the right page. Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning has the experience and procedure to properly decontaminate any location and restore indoor air quality.

We approach each site with acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending. We will restore your home’s atmosphere back to a safe and habitable environment.
If you are in need of our extreme cleaning sanitization service, give us a call.

What is Extreme Cleaning?

When a property has become extraordinarily dirty and unpleasant especially as a result from depression, poverty or traumatic event.

Hoarding cleaning, also referred as estate cleaning, involves patience, proper safety equipment, heavy duty cleaning agents, specialty equipment and compassion.

Ignoring the distressed property is unhealthy and dangerous therefore, neglecting it will increase the risk of accidental fires, mold build up and rodent infestation that carry disease.

Why choose Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc? If you find yourself in need of our professional deep cleaning service, we recognize the challenge. There is nothing for you to worry about.  We adopt an attitude of acceptance respecting the persons feelings, values and experiences as valid. We maintain positive body language with comfortable eye contact,  we take the time to listen and adopt an attitude of acceptance, genuineness and empathy.

In conclusion, we have the expertise in hoarding and extreme cleaning. We are Ontario’s Compassionate Extreme Cleaners. We provide Services for GTA, York Region and Simcoe County were we are based.


Why More Than 90% of Our
Clients Are Repeat Customers

We take pride in providing cleaning and decontamination services of top
quality for each of our clients and we truly appreciate our repeat customers.
Here’s why people choose Omega Cleaning.

Non-toxic Cleaning

We provide you with non-toxic cleaning services which are not only safe for you, but also for the environment.


Professional & Reliable

We deliver quality with commitment, responsibility, knowledge and trust. You can rely on Omega Cleaning.


On Time & On Budget

We give it our all to arrive and deliver on time for every job, no matter what type of cleaning is required.


Call Omega, Toronto’s Extreme
Cleaning & Sanitization Experts

Hoarding can be extremely difficult to clean up on your own.
Let us help you restore your living space.


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Where We Offer Our Cleaning
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Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc provides unrivaled professional cleaning services to Barrie, Orillia, Toronto and various surrounding regions. Don’t know if we serve your location? Raccoon poop removal services near me. Contact us!